2021: Back to School

Welcome back everybody!

It is great, once again, to see students back on campus following our second shutdown this academic year. As schools all across the country reopened last week, it was a pleasure to see our students and teachers again.

We are proud to see our students sensibly following safety procedures. Social distancing, wearing masks and other precautions may be a bit of a change for us all, but I’m sure we will all pull together to keep ourselves and our community safe.

Students and teachers adapted admirably to our online learning platforms through the COVID-19 pandemic and we are now eager to return to in-person classes, albeit in these changed circumstances.

I know that JPA students’ indomitable love of learning will make this academic year successful despite the restrictions.

Thanks to all students, teachers and parents for understanding and following the new rules and a huge thank you to the support team who have worked so hard to prepare for our reopening.