College Office

Preparing for College

Jay Pritzker Academy, Siem Reap, Cambodia. JPA Alumni return to the JPA College Office to share their experiences with current JPA high school students and JPA teachers. Jay-Pritzker-Academy-Siem-Reap-Cambodia.

Applying to colleges and for scholarships and financial aid is a meticulous, labor-intensive, and long-term commitment. This process demands significant commitment in order to maximize a student’s chance of acceptance to a respected college or university.

The JPA College Office assists students with the numerous aspects of the application process, including: application protocols, best practices for planning and organization, financial aid information, interview preparation and writing strategies. Providing this information enables students to develop and maintain a high level of self-direction and organization throughout this process.

The JPA College Counselors:

  • Guide university and program research
  • Guide university and program selection list
  • Provide resources to assist student research
  • Assist with interview preparation and writing strategies